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For the loyal customers and the new customers thank you for waiting, the truth is we outgrew our living/working space so we needed more space. 
We finally have it and with that, a lot more changes are happening so please stay tuned.



we create for you

We are now offering print on demand and also gifts shipped directly from the warehouse to save you time and money, Handmade items are still here and not planning on going away any time soon

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Image by Katerina Pavlyuchkova



Custom items are available under the season calendar. 

If ordering for the Halloween cut-off is October 10 

If ordering for thanksgiving cut-off is November 10

If ordering for Christmas cut-off is December 10

My calendar fills quickly so if you want something personalized you better get you orders in soon 


Create your idea with us!

Holidays bookings happen fast, so if you want to custom order. Please let us know by emailing us at 


Under $25

We create for you!

When you are on a budget ;) we got some items for you here as well. They do go fast so, please, come and check often

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We Create for You

Since our first day in business, up2You Creations previously known as  HomExpressionStyle has been offering our customers the best selection of gifting products. From Items ready to ship to customized items.

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