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By now you remember I am a one woman show, that means, I have many many hats I worked with in a daily basis.

One of the most intriguing one of this hats, is hand-made, I have created crochet items, for

about 4 years now. And because of the many places you can log in and sell your items, I really felt as thou it wasn't much of what I was looking for. I love to design, however my hand-made goes in the lines of creating something unique for you!. Meaning I will not make 10 hats and sell them on my shop. I will make one! with the color and idea you might have in mind at the moment.

The best projects to work with is babies, as there is a huge amount of wonderful and cozy ideas out there for you, to create, which bring me to the following awesome Idea a customer had about a year ago!!!!

He was going to a wedding and wanted a tux for his baby, the idea began we the both of us talking, he gave me the color scheme and how he wanted it!, I got home..... of course as a crafter you become a YARN-holic so you look in your stash first, and if you find the colors you began the project! I didn't have white as is a yarn that you tend to use awful a lot. I call the customer and we talked a bit more and decided that a white with a hint of beige will be just fine.

Let me say when I did the booties, which is the one part of the outfit that needs your divided attention, as not only you need to count and​​ do math! (simple math that is in your head lol). After a few distractions, and getting the booties done, I began working with the pants, which any crocheter will say a piece of cake! ha!.

The Sweater was also easy the tricky part was the cuffs but after a few imaginary ideas, they didn't come out so bad if I do so say so myself.

So the hat was originally this one!, but when the customer saw it, he didn't like it; so we end up getting a whole black one with a little visor on the front.

Then and only then this creation became real!!!!! because as far as I knew I had never ever made a tie. So I worked on the tie it came out pretty well, all thou am not gonna lie, I took it apart a few times.

Ok! am gonna finish here today if you will like to create with me please CLICK HERE!

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