6 Important Points of View, From a Trucker’s Wife, on what You Should Never Risk as a Driver

When it comes to vehicles on the road; cars and tractor-trailers have rules and regulations, yet when you are handling big rigs, with tons of weight, it’s presumably safe to think these are necessities. Now we all understand accidents occur on a daily basis, let’s say the accident occurs with a tractor-trailer, it always gets more complicated. So cars need to respect big rigs. (That’s a no-brainier) However a tractor-trailer should also refrain from doing these 6 things to prevent accidents that are considered to be their fault.

5 stereotypes exist when you become a Trucker

1) Drag Racing between Truckers

This is something that happens rather often, however nowadays with the new generation of truckers, I think this has become more prominent. They are all eager to get to their destinations that they have forgotten racing is not really the way to go about it. Instead, keep a safe an steady speed, and enjoy the drive!

2) Speeding and the Road Conditions

Speed Limits are set for a reason and it’s always recommended that when road an weather conditions change you slow down and take it easy. I am going to say this, if you haven’t driven when it’s raining in the south, or snowing in the north, then you really can’t say you know how to drive. Let me explain when it rains in the south it is like buckets of water thrown at your windshield and makes it a bit trickier to drive and harder to see. Now if you drive in the snow or snow storms you know that slower wins the race. The faster you drive the more dangerous it becomes, and with a tractor-trailer sometimes going uphill and downhill can become a very tricky and hazardous situation, reason why sometimes you need chains for your tires.

3) Texting and Driving

This is a no-brainier. If you want to protect your family and the family of other drivers simply don’t text and drive. Nowadays you have blue tooth capabilities and google talk that is pretty easy to text messages without even touching your phone, or simply call the person you want to text, with your Bluetooth and BINGO! you save a life and got what you needed to off of your chest.

4) Tired and Driving not a great Combo

We know that Truckers follow a strict set of rules when it comes to how many hours they can be on the road and how many they must be off the road, unfortunately their pickups and drops offs don’t do them justice, and can mess with their internal clock, so tired and driving happens rather often, so regardless of your boss, or your next scheduled delivery, if you need an extra shut-eye you must!

5) Going Down Hill and Driving too Fast

Many times over we have seen, truckers driving as they are driving a car and perhaps hope they have the same control, sadly the bigger the vehicle the harder it gets to control, and when you put weight, loads, liquids etc. You do have to consider one more thing, because of all these factors you do have to create speed to go up that hill. However, when you are at the top of these said hills, you need to lower the gears and slowly go down. Just remember speed is never good when you are going down a hill, and weather and other factors can also affect this. Please be careful.

Keeping your truck fueled

6) Running in low fuel, or out of gas

Many truckers get the lucky pleasure to drive reefers, which means you have to keep things cold. call it a big refrigerator, running in low fuel, or running out of gas sadly can affect and impact this not only for the trucker but for the industry and its customers. When you are driving box trucks, flatbed, or any other equipment, maintaining the tanks fuel is important, because it helps with weight distribution, and at the end of the day, can benefit the trucker while on the road.