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I’m a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 2. I have 2 adult children who have flown the coop and then one who is almost an adult child who is terrified of becoming an adult. Then of course my youngest who is almost 10! It’s absolutely crazy how fast time goes by. I have 2 absolutely adorable grandchildren, one is growing into a handsome little boy and the other is getting into his toddler stages. I have 3 furry kids aka my dogs. Princess is the oldest, yet the smallest. Funny how that works. Then there’s Sandy. She's my husband's dog and the one that sheds the most. Then there’s Salem. He loves to bark at absolutely everything and anything that moves outside. The three of them love staring out of the window together. They are our protectors. Our family can be quite unpredictable but I love them all nonetheless. And we can’t forget my loving husband, the trucker. The one who provides and works hard for his family. I will always adore him and how much he loves all of us. Well, I think that sums up my family. But don’t forget, this is just the short version. There’s always plenty of stories! Till next time, behave. :)

- A trucker's wife.

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