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Updated: Aug 22, 2020

My household is well!.. unpredictable. You see my husband goes over the road and some months are busier than others, so making plans is a little on the hard side. , and with one adult teenager my Son 19 and my adult Daughter 20, facing the world, as all adults do, making plans a bit more interesting.

I am a 37-year-old wife of an amazing truck driver and a mother of 4 gorgeous children, 2 handsome grandsons, if I do say so myself, let’s not forget 3 more children of the furry kind of course.

Two underage children are left-right!……… One has begun the Teenager life of, we hate you mom, dad, or even both, and is learning, and not liking to teenager or adult at times. And my precious 8 years old who is a mamma’s girl and the clown of the family, she is always alert, and very attentive as to what is going around her. Oops! almost forgot! My handsome grandson is full of spunk, and he is growing way to fast….. Lastly, the 3 of the furry kind are my protectors, and my energy givers, if you don’t like dogs, well you should stop now because my dogs are my everything. They will be part of many stories to come. Their ages are 2 years times two of them (yay me ) and my older fart and the smallest of the bunch and she is 6 years old. LOL. OK, I have done enough bragging for today! will be seeing you all soon. Behave until then!!!!!!!!!

F.Y.I I will try my best to update this blog here and there sorry if is not perfect!

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