Confession #1: Stress

Background story, 5 years ago we made a huge move, Salem NY to Greenville SC. Salem was our hometown, little quite, farming setting and did I mention small , to Greenville a booming small city with not as much farming around, however the trucking business is flowing perfectly through. As a mom I knew we needed the change, and as a trucker wife I also knew helping my husband accomplished his dreams where definitely part of our wedding vows, besides the phrase until death do us part does the trick anyways.

It’s been 5 years since he started to work as an over the road (OTR) truck driver, which meant time for me to start handling the household at an 100% as well as handling stress of four kids, and two dogs on a daily basis, with very little support. All these things became more of a challenge.

1) My younger children require a little more attention from mom, because dad wasn’t coming home every night, creating a fear of insecurities at first, is he coming back, did he leave for good, is he returning, why can’t dad come with us, I want dad, can I see dad, can we go get dad, just as examples. Shortly after they got use to it became more easy to deal and handle these two.

2) My teenage children was not so easy, it became a huge challenge. Normal teenagers don’t want their parents to be near them, and even thou this was our daily routine. Things where easy when it came to normal chores, homework and easy things around the house, now when they needed their dad, or simply didn’t want mom anymore their voices, and expressions became louder, letting me know that no matter what I was about to say mattered, because the just mom at the house routine wore out. So the days or weekends my trucker was home I use to call them Reset, because both me and my children was in need of the physical, and emotional routine when my husband is home, truth be told teen ages is the time when we need parents the most not forgetting the first 5 years where learning the basics are a must.

Stress Example 1:

Defiant was an understatement, things where extremely easy when it was me home because they only have one parent to respond to, on weekends or nights my OTR husband will be home, things will get pushed to see when will we brake, of course I already had handle things while he wasn’t home so my wick was a lot smaller than my trucker’s so off course I will ignite first. Funny how that can instantly make you the bad guy. (LOL) This was I think one of the biggest stresses as a trucker’s wife

Stress Example 2:

Before the OTR job and move began, he will be home every night and have two days off, typical schedule, so things where easy, if we could and had the time, he would take the kids fishing, or we would go to the mall. Now being OTR driver things change, fun things start happening more often, because he off course had a bit more money than before but sadly came with the fact he didn’t get to enjoy it with the kids, and that was hard for all us.

  1. My kids might not think on how many times our OTR trucker slept alone watching pictures of his family having fun without him, and

  2. Honestly as a teenager you are learning to know yourself, so not having dad around, was hard, and easy depending on what the day was.

Now as a mom having this stress level was more powerful in my late nights of wanna sleep but can’t. Making the morning wake ups harder for me.

Stress Example 3:

As a trucker’s wife I mention earlier, stress gets added because of the changes your trucker is going through, in this case going from local to OTR. It becomes easier as the years go by, however is not a relationship for the weary, there will be uncomfortable statements others will say to your face, or behind you, there will be days you need that hug from the love of your life, and can’t because he is in another state, or so busy you can’t talk to him right away even thou you need him yesterday!

As a trucker’s wife I mentioned earlier you sometimes will feel like a single women or man in the relationship. Handling sick days, doctors appointments, and of course a few emergencies along the way, yet you will have so many days filled with adventures, and happiness, it makes it all worth it, I will say it is fun to be a trucker’s wife.

In my case we have a growing family, plus 3 dogs to care for things can get a little (LOT) crazy, because you are now not only having to handle the normal crazy of life, but you have to make sure your schedule does not overlap within your day!

What do I do to Relax!

Very loud music on rides alone in my car

Crying is another way I can get my stress out

Taking very long showers

Those name a few things i do, stress is one thing! the most important thing is how you handle it and in my case they work the best, helps with my depression and anxiety as well!

Hey! if you want to tell me yours, please I will love to hear it!