Crochet Life Adventures

As a business owner, and also a crochet creator. I have many hats I worked on a daily basis.

I have created many handmade items in my day, I have been creating for about 8 years now, considering myself a newbie still. But even though all of this seems fun let's get into what you came to read, shall we?

Selling my products at the Jockey Lot

I love to design, but let's be realistic about how, where, and when will I sell my handmade items. Funny story I start selling at a flea market or as others call it a Jockey Lot. It was fun and really profitable, and I was miserable not because of anything other than knowing my dedication and quality of my products deserved better. So Online was the best way to go, it has been a struggle, to say the least. Trying and failing have been the way I have learned to love what I do!

The picture above is from my time at the Jockey lot a few years back. The customer requested a very particular design, a tuxedo for a baby. I got home, and started the design preparations, after talking to the customer about color, The process began, when all pieces were put together this is what I ended up with.

I am a creator with a particular brain and by that I mean I have ADHD. Therefore I can become distracted often and easily. So creating booties like the ones above is definitely a challenge, to say the least. And before anyone worries about my distracted behavior. I have set plans and routines along the way to become more successful throughout the day. So I don't disappoint often. Let's be real guys sometimes there are things we have no control of, and those are the times I wish I didn't disappoint but sadly they are.

Mickey Mouse is something I love to create, and that often will sell like a hot cake or will stay dormant for weeks or months.

Creating this item is fun because it provides the possibility to create memories when your baby is little. Or maybe a photo session no one will ever forget. Perhaps a Holiday Card.

I can tell you right now creating for babies is no easy task but I love customers who come and ask me for a baby shower gift that will never be forgotten and can be used for generations.

Selling at the jockey lot was super fun and I got to meet a lot of customers, the saddest part is because is a place into which you are always looking for bargains, and to pay almost none for your products, I realize that my countless hours of work, my devotion for giving the customer the ultimate experience wasn't there, and suddenly people either will want to pay less, or become very rude and simply with a family to care for it was not something I was willing to put them through.

The second reason I stopped selling in the venue is that I have children and they were eating my sales whole. I had enough money left to pay for the tables, and buy supplies, however, I was not making any paycheck out of the deal. And for someone with ADHD let's face it a place so amazing as the jockey lot provided me with a decision of closing the business make it a hobby and buy with what I had made endless supplies of things we either didn't need. Or eat delicious food, which was also not so beneficial after all.

Come and meet me next time. Let's create something amazing together