Doing a Great Job at Mastering The Skills Of Parenting While He Is Away Trucking

As a trucker wife you will feel parenting has become yours to handle and so it can feel as though you are a single mom doing and pushing thru every single day, you know is more than that.

I had said before on 4 strengths needed to be a truckers wife you have a small window of opportunity, where you can speak with your trucker.

Let me give you some examples:

If you have a child between the ages of NEWBORN – ONE YEAR OLD

It was a crazy day, I am overwhelmed, how was your day!, I am not trying by far to make it like is nothing, just making talk with your trucker sometimes can get a bit fast as there is roads, lights, and other phone calls he might have to make.

Believe me when I say Overwhelmed will be an understatement when it comes to your kids getting much older. enjoy the little years, as overwhelmed as they sound, they from my personal perspective where the easiest.

If you have a child between the ages of ONE YEAR OLD – FIVE YEARS OLD

It becomes tricky talking to your trucker as now your baby can/ or will want to talk to him/her every opportunity they get!. Also If you have something to say you might have to do it between conversations with your kid and your trucker. Here you will be overwhelmed but not enough to want to pull your hair just yet (close thou) LOL

If you have a child between the ages of 5 years old – 12 years old

At about this time you will know mornings are going to be your go time to talk to your trucker as kids will be in school! (SWEET)…. Now when you are also working can become a nightmare because you are also at work and trying to cram as much as you can into six hours before you have to go get the kids.

Now when kids get back from school, you will have amazing precious days, and you will have Hell days, Some days you are gonna have to either lose your momma mind, or keep cool! whichever works best. unfortunately when it becomes close to the day your trucker will be home, Kids are amazing at sensing this and so they will become more argumentative, and when your trucker is home all you want him to do is take care of business so you can have a damn break! Here is where parenting won’t become easy and an argument can become a fight! will get to that later, not finished with kids haha.

If you have TEENAGERS!!!!!!!!

You better grab some tissues, some alcohol, and some large seat-belts because the ride of your life time will began, and you will not know which way or form you are getting hit!, all you know is they are coming for you! (LOL).

Buy now talking to your trucker will become a chatter among everyone either they are already working, or you provide a cellphone for your teen, so they will call and they will not care what our trucker is doing, as long as they can get away with whatever the parent in the household is saying no to!. Here is where your other parent trust, judgement and parenting skills need to come to place and fast. Before you know it they will have called him before you even had a chance to form a plan with your trucker.

So for safety reason make a bullet plan with your trucker before your teen becomes one. Then every time you see each other you can make fixes necessary for that particular moment. Remember some teenagers don’t care what you feel, What you think, or that they are putting your marriage in the toilet, they only care about themselves and winning, nothing else. Perhaps this feeling will go away when they have a family of their own, reach the age of 25, or give themselves the choice to become responsible adults.

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