Honestly, You Can Have a Huge Impact When You Respect The Professional Driver…

Is hard to be a truck driver, because is really a lonely profession, and let’s face it, years ago Truck Drivers where the talk of the town, nowadays, they are considered a pain in the ass and wished they aren’t around so we can move better around the roads. And sadly companies nowadays want to make the $$$ and so truckers have lost respect on the roads, sadly they have lost it with the companies that make the world move forward.

Now let’s start by trying to figure out why companies don’t understand trucker’s and all their glory, you see being an owner-operator nowadays seems to not pay as much as it should, and with costs coming of their pockets, you need to be very careful to not make any mistakes in this kind of field, yet companies want to make money, and not share plenty of it with their truckers.

Let’s back up for a bit, let’s travel years ago, they only way to get your basic necessities was either by trading, what you are good at, or by doing it yourself, as time kept moving forward, we learn to have forms of transportation, this forms of transportation start becoming the fuel to deliver this goods easier, more efficiently, like we need the food in the supermarket, and the underwear you are wearing. Now take a moment to understand Industries, and farmers need truckers, to provide the goods to their consumers.

– Truckers will bring pieces to build either, houses, buildings, garage decks, airports, etc.

– Truckers will bring goods to pet, shopping, apparel stores, etc.

– Truckers will bring goods to hospitals, airports, malls, etc.

– Truckers will bring much more to you, that perhaps you aren’t even aware of.

Like I said on sleeping time vs home time, companies want things done yesterday so the hours of operation aren’t the normal 7-3, sadly is all kind of hours, all kind of sleeping patterns, within their specify hours of operation.

With the technology we are provided now a days, Trucker’s not only had to get used to a new norm when it comes to speeding, DOT, and all the safety that are put in place to protect them and us, we however can not forget the other millions of people on the road that do not drive a tractor trailer. Let me appeal to you and tell you there are ways you can show respect to a trucker and is truly simple


I don’t know what it is, about people in vehicles doing this all the time, sadly I am guilty of doing it myself before I learn to love a trucker and the business, the truth of the matter is, TRUCKERS CAN’T STOP IN A DIME! for any reason some of them because of their, weight, length, what they are carrying, or hauling. and many more variables. So please give them room on the road. You want to make it home to your family, and so are they.


If you see a light blinking from a trucker wanting to come to your lane, please be kind and let them in, odds are, they have been trying for quite some time, you see we commute in the highways to work, home, shopping etc. truth to the matter is the Road is a trucker Office, so be kind and remember that.

What am trying to say here is, like in any other business the only way to stop and understand is by showing some respect, so next time you see a truck on the road be nice, be kind, and remember, he also has a family he needs to come home too.