Let Me Introduce You to the Man Behind the Wheel

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

My husband has been a trucker for almost 25 years, he hates me to tell people his age and I will leave you guessing, and of course, he rocks at his job.

He started off course in the dump truck cab, soon to become a mechanic to said dump trucks, one day he found this place as a mechanic of tractor-trailers, and bosses took a good interest in how good he could back tractor-trailers, with bulk trailers in the back, so after a little bit of convincing he took his CDL license test and passed, soon after; the road test followed and his CDL story began 15 years ago!

OK, for the record as I am typing this I am realizing Holy Crap that was a long time ago! Still feels like yesterday, He worked in upstate NY delivering cement thru the bulk trailers, then became a milk hauler, and who would have thought that he will be delivering oversize pieces made out of cement years later.

About 5 years ago we decide to move south, landing ourselves in South Carolina, I call it tractor-trailer-Ville, believe me, I love it! Looking for jobs was not easy yet He started with hauling the heavy haul, and he is been at it since, he loves to drive, is his passion. Therefore is mine as well, don’t get me wrong is hard to know I have a husband that I don’t get to spend to much time with because his job is technically more important, not jealous! I learn to deal with the said statement the moment I said I DO on our wedding date.

We have a pretty big family, so it’s funny how life makes time go by so fast, as I mentioned in a prior post Mastering the skills of parenting Depending on how many children you have, the ages of said children, let’s add grandchildren and pets to the mix, our life is a blessing.

So now you know a little more about my hard-working man!


I use my own photos in the majority of my blog post, the reason behind it, is I want to make this as real as possible.

Anything and everything posted here in any particular blog is my point of view as a trucker’s wife and/ or my husband’s point of view as a trucker.

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