Old School Trucker vs New School Trucker, What do you think?

Old School Truck Driver is referred as having trucking in their blood, many learn from their parents and got the privilege to see dad or a family member shifting, or maybe even touch the steering wheel here and there, going as far as allowing the startup and such. Their classroom was not taught by a teacher, I would say they have years of their parents/family members behind the wheel making them who thj ey are today, and continue to learn and develop their skill, with that they earn the respect they deserve and can be called the old dogs of the road.

Old truckers built this industry. Let’s not forget that sadly nowadays if you can pass the test and have your license you are considered a truck driver and I think that’s why the industry has problems.

Let’s think about this for a moment:

PAST Owner operators didn’t have to overwork to get their fuel tanks filled

PRESENT Owner-operators are running less and less and that is because the cost of running vs the profit isn’t favorable.

PAST Truck Stops where mom and pop owned so food was healthier and cheaper.

PRESENT Don’t get me wrong truck stops are awesome but nowadays you have a McDonald’s/ Wendy’s or other fast food restaurants and sadly everything is overpriced.

PAST CB Language was the real deal and extremely important because that is how you communicated and made a living in the process as well as making new trucker friends, too.

PRESENT CB language is still here but not a trucker law anymore, and sadly not as important now that we have electronic everything and add cellphones to the mix, the CB doesn’t stand a chance.

PAST Truckers had a sense of brotherhood like a family would, they respected each other as if they knew each other their entire life’s.

PRESENT Truckers still have the kinder lean toured it’s fellow trucker’s but the bond and brotherhood is not as much, and sadly now you have the new school trucker’s that feel the love for trucking yet haven’t got the soul for it.

New School Truckers is simply new fellows coming to the business thru a teacher and classes; I am not diminishing the effort of all of these, however, what’s missing is the connection between the truck and the trucker and respect among each other, sadly you learn by watching your parents, your family members, not in class. Let’s add D.O.T. which also has lost a lot of respect for the truck driver, in their (slight) defense new schoolers aren’t making it easy.

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