Short Story: How can I not Brag about my trucker and the truth behind the madness

I have known this man for 15 years, and this is what he does for us!, so we can have a roof over our head, and nice warm food in our belly. This job as many others is not easy and you choose to leave your family to deliver the goods others need. What he does, in many cases is bringing the pre-elaborate cement pieces to constructions sites. So his loads run from normal size to Over sized loads!

Well one of the many things he has to do is get comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Specially when the pieces are not laying on his trailer, instead they are on the side!, for better understanding. This picture shows you.

As you see the piece is laying sideways!!!!! yep!!!! not crazy but HELLO! does it mean that the trailer is heavier on one side more than the other?…….. to my surprise there was a second picture that explained it more clearly so I didn’t panic!!!!!

As you see there is a weird contraption made with braces that allows the piece to lay sideways. Now I don’t know about many drivers that will be able to feel comfortable about this kind of haul. However there is a few people that seem to do it, like nothing is behind them!. or as if this piece was not complicated at all!.

As a trucker wife, I always get scared that one if these pieces is going to be to long or to heavy and something will happened, however between the company he works for and him behind the wheel, pretty much all we do here is pray!!!!!! and wait for the pretty cool pictures. Or the phone call with the adventure.

More trips to come stay tune!

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