T.M.H Trucker's Mental Health

By now you all know that on top of doing online school with my daughter, crocheting, knitting, and then some, I also have a tik-tok account dedicated to our community, among truckers, friends, and family solely where we can have fun, smile, and take care of each other if we need to. Showing kindness along the way.

Creating original raw content is what I love doing, so with that in mind let me introduce you to Arm Pump Tuesday I use the hashtags #armpumptuesday and #armpumpfortruckers. So if you want to do it or have kids that want to do it, come join the fun.

You see to a trucker working crazy hours, absolutely insane sleeping patterns, and then some! #armpump is so important for their mental health since the road is their office, a small distraction of a child's reaction behind the arm pump can change the energy and overall mood of a trucker's day.

If you work in an office you get sometimes brakes willing or unwilling, truckers brakes are different, and originally rare, since they have a load to care for from start to finish. They also need to worry about the nasty drivers out there who don't want to listen to the insisting sentence DO NOT PULL INFRONT OF A TRACTOR TRAILER. GIVE 'EM ROOM.

I think is also important to enjoy some conversation time with them so I have set two live times a week to check on my friends and see how they are all doing, alongside seeing my family act like total idiots at times.

Dates for TMHT lives are Tuesday 6PM EST and Thursday 9pm EST thru tiktok, as we become more popular on other platforms will be going live there as well.

So come join the fun, and if you can and want to let's use #armpumptuesday, #armpumpfortruckers and tag me @truckerswifeconfessions on tik-tok and let's make this grow. Help me! help them

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