T.M.H Trucker's Mental Health

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

By now you all know that on top of doing online school with my daughter, crocheting, knitting, and vinyl work with mugs, glass, and names for all kinds of decals, I also have a tik-tok account dedicated to our community, among truckers, friends, and family solely where we can have fun, smile, and take care of each other if we need to show kindness along the way.

Creating original raw content is what I love doing, so with that in mind let me introduce you to Arm Pump Tuesday I use the hashtags #armpumptuesday and #armpumpfortruckers. So if you want to do it or have kids that want to do it, come join the fun.

Let me explain why this is so important!

You see; to a trucker working crazy hours, absolutely insane sleeping patterns, and then spending the majority of their days staring at an unseemly amount of cars. Also dealing with good and bad drivers! #armpump is so important for their mental health, since the road is their office, a small distraction of a child's reaction behind the arm pump can change the energy and overall mood of a trucker's day.

What do I do when I need a break from my business?

Simple and very easy, I get up walk outside, maybe go check the mail, talk to my girls, phone a friend, or as a mom, there is plenty of work that can be done, I can simply consider a break from my business duties. Now if you work in an office, you sometimes get breaks willing or unwilling.

Truck Drivers breaks are different, we all crave to be alone for a few hours just so we can organize our thoughts. However a truck driver has plenty of time to not only organize thought but to truly be alone with their thoughts. Here is where the bad thoughts, the loneliness will creep in, that is why a truckers mentality is not on the same level as the rest of us. Because they know what it is to have a family, yet still experience a deep sense of loneliness while on the road. Or to feel completely alone at times.

This simple act of kindness that not only will make a child smile in the vehicle, but a driver can disconnect from that loneliness, and believe it or not that amount of serotonin that creates at that moment can stabilize the brain to be in a happier steadier mood. And they can talk about this for hours, maybe even days, because with technology on our hands we rather just ignore others.

If you want to come and join our community and make your children happy, or simply take one #actofkindness and pay it forward. Tik-Tok and look for either @truckerwifeconfessions or #armpumpfortruckers. Let's make our world a better place.

Come join me and my family on the crazy!