The Good and The Ugly So, Who Else Wants to Come with Me in this Durham NC Adventure

My husband company requires me to sign a paper, safety precautions and all, I like to call it a permission for me to travel with him for that particular Job. After I sign in the dotted line we are heading to Durham NC.

Off course we need to pick the load up first!…….. I mention before he hauls cement pieces, and we have a few companies we go to, depending on the city or state we are in, we are heading to Tindal in Spartanburg, Sc. We arrived at the place we had some waiting period, due to the piece not being on the flat bed yet, that can become very boring if traveling alone, and pretty funny if you have your wife with you! (or very annoying, which ever fits you better) LOL.


And here we are and they didn’t have trailers long enough to put this heavy and long piece on, so we had to WAIT!. Thankfully there was more that one driver in-site so a little talk among drivers, and me telling you about the trip, time might of stand still however our wait was close to an hour, finally we are giving the GO!, He backed up the cab to the trailer, and he releases the brakes to get out and hook, I totally understand other woman not getting this but hearing the brake release, for us trucker wives it gives us an extra tick in our hearts. Of course like in any other job safety first! Vest on!, and Hard hat on!, and now we are ready to chained the load.

This load, because it’s bigger than the trailer, requires the oversize load banner, the chains carefully thru out the load, and the red flags, this lets drivers know hey this is the actually size of my load.

Oversize Double T Heading to build a Garage Deck

Our start point of this load is Spartanburg, Sc. the driving time is 3hrs and 45min. This is not counting, bathroom breaks, lunch breaks, and traffic. Oh let’t not forget accidents. After our wait here, and the road ahead of us, all I can say is we will get there eventually.

His trailer is along side the white line, Can you see how far out of the line is his load?

No accidents, lucky for us! Husband had to wait to figure out what piece number came next, remember I said garage decks, well is like a puzzle, each piece has it’s place, when he return to the cab, he let me know we are dropping, unchaining the load and taking an empty back. Our return was not as accident free as it was delivering the load. 5 mph for close to an hour, cars bumper to bumper, the cool part is you can see a few feet in front of you so is not as boring, as if you were in a vehicle. I know I shouldn’t be making fun, but believe me bumper to bumper can become pretty boring.

Let me show you a Picture of the site as they didn’t unload us!

Bragging about my trucker is always something I like to do!, and with that said, if you aren’t yet a trucker’s wife or girlfriend why not check this other posts about the 4 strengths you need, and if you have kids parenting while he is away can help you decide and do you some good.