Trucker’s Should Never Do This…..

We all know we must drive with caution so we can keep ourselves and others on the road safe, however, as a truck driver, you have more reminders that any other vehicle on the road, due to how big, how long, and how wide they can be. Most of us have heard of the ‘GOLDEN RULES” set by:  your parents, grandparents, teachers, etc. Truckers need “SOME GOLDEN RULES”. Let’s  remember a few motorize golden rules:

Never ever drive while intoxicated, or without enough hours of sleep.

We know that Truckers follow a strict set of rules when it comes to how many hours they can be on the road and how many they must be off  the road. We also know that truckers must follow a certain type of regulations when it comes to any consumption of alcohol and also the proper use when it comes to medication or over the counter drugs.  Unfortunately with the industries and the new Government regulations, a lot of new truck drivers forget that they are driving a longer, wider, and bigger vehicle. There are some who push themselves to the extremes, by not listening to D.O.T regulations and find themselves in big trouble with the law. This could end up costing our truckers jail time or in the worst case scenario you or others live’s to be lost. Driving while tired, under the influence of drugs or alcohol can slow the ability to respond to the daily hazardous scenarios of the roads. So please drivers be careful out there, respect others, by respecting yourself.

Driving to fast and or to close

We know by now that Tractor Trailers take a considerable amount of force to stop, and depending on the length and weight stopping may be tricky, so driving to fast and or too close can be a recipe for disaster. The same way we ask small vehicles to understand truckers on the road, truckers need to keep in mind that a tractor trailer stops considerably slowly. Also they need to keep in mind the weather conditions, the weight of the load, running empty, tire pressure, and so much more; one or all of these can affect considerably the space a tractor trailer needs to slow down or stop. So driving beside them, pulling in front of them, slowing down fast, any of these variables will result in something bad happening. So remember truckers, you will get there, better safe than sorry.

Let’s not end up in the back of cop’s car or an ambulance.

Weather and Speed

Foggy, rainy days, and speed can be very dangerous, either your vehicle can end up in a ditch or even worse you can hurt someone.

I have rode with my trucker in all those conditions. I do have to say being at a higher level than most vehicles the rain doesn’t look too bad. However when you add the road conditions and the people on the road that aren’t as considerate or careful then you can run, once again into some trouble.

Sunny days are beautiful as you would think, the sun is shining, the skies are mostly clear, and yet we end up meeting a few drivers who think they own the highways we all travel on. Unfortunately sunny days are days that can turn very dark, very fast. So please everyone remember whether your’e married or single, you still need to come home to someone. Either a wife and maybe children, or your parents, and for the single guys granted you might not live with them, but they are still people who want you arriving home safe.

Receiving a phone call that your precious (child-wife-husband-mom-dad-brother-sister-grams-gramps), is no longer alive. IS NOT THE CALL YOU WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not going to add snow in this blog post because, I need to dig dipper on pictures to find some of his snow trucking pictures when he was hauling milk. and then i will update this post with the dangers and the cool tails behind driving with snow on the ground.


I use my own photos in the majority of my blog post, reason behind it, is I want to make this as real as possible.

Anything and everything posted here in any particular blog, is my point of view as a trucker’s wife and/ or my husband’s point of view as a trucker.

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