Who is the Professional Truck Driver, and why these 5 Stereotypes exist when you become a Trucker

Like in every profession, If you have not experienced it first hand, then you have no clue what is exactly at stake. So today I am going to talk about 5 Stereotypes given to truckers, sadly because we are judging that cover without reading the book. Believe me!, I have been guilty of a few of these one’s myself before I became a trucker’s wife.

1) Are all truckers slobs!

I am sorry if that sounds harsh! but let’s be realistic here people, all you see is a trucker driving down the road with a box within the cab, and a load behind it, so either you think there is a bathroom, a shower in there, or you at least have seen some movies to know there is but a bed, cabinets, a fridge and that is just about it!. So where do trucker’s get clean, and can they get clean. The answer is simple yes! they can. These amazing companies like Love’s, Pilot (this are the ones I know and can attest to), and maybe even more. Have showers for truckers, you can buy a ticket for a shower, or you can purchase food in these places and rack up the points to use the showers, and the facilities are nice,

they keep them clean, and it really is an amazing place to relax for a bit, the water is hot, you have water pressure, they provide the towels and sometimes they will even leave you a bottle of water and a mint to take with you.

2) Hot Rods on the road!


Well! like everything else, yes you will have the disrespectful truck driver, that either is just doing his/her job and not loving it! or the truck driver that simply thinks they rule the roads, acting the same way when they get in their vehicles to head home!. You see Hot Rods exist! no matter what you drive, could be a Lamborghini or could be a Tata Nano (the cheapest car in the world). Point is if you think the world owes you something no matter what you drive there is always going to be that @$# on the road. Just remember that doesn’t mean all truckers are the same.

3) Drugs and Alcohol

5 stereotypes exist when you become a Trucker

We all know the trucking business is very careful when it comes to drugs and alcohol, one of the many reasons why the DOT physicals exist, and they also have the mandate random drug test placed through companies. However like in any other profession or life really! you do have the occasional addicts whether is alcohol or drugs. I do gotta say the amount is minimal because of these regulations.

4) Overweight and Unhealthy

Yes this part is a bit complicated, you see, truckers are sitting 90% of their job and so with stop to unload, perhaps a bathroom break, that is really all they get, not to mention when they are out of hours all they have to do is hop in the back and go to sleep so exercise will be something difficult. there is, however, possibilities, and willingness to work out, I have seen a few videos of how to exercise while you are in a truck. so this will depend on the truckers decision, and willingness. So needless to say yes there is a very high possibility that truckers can become overweight and unhealthy, the fun part is not all truckers are overweight! and there is a lot of truckers taking advantages of the exercises, here I will give you one example:

5) Men are better than women at this job

Truth is like in any other job, if you can understand the logistics, and the madness that comes with it, trucking is for everyone, yes including women, sadly I am going to say this! entrance into this field is harder for women than men. I have recently noticed the barriers are braking and have seen more women in this field that let’s say 4-5 years ago.

So, Women, I commend you because is an amazing job to get into!.

And the last thing I want to say is also a stereotype sadly I am not going to touch it as such!, Prostitution is real everywhere in the world, and very scary in the trucking world, now instead I am going to touch into something that makes me proud of being a trucker’s wife, and that is there is a nonprofit organization called truckers against trafficking

So to those truckers already helping Thank you, and if you are reading this, go check the website out and become one, you can save a life with just one phone call.


A professional truck drivers ego doesn’t exist, so no matter how many problems are getting in their faces, they keep calm, they are not trying to prove anyone wrong, they don’t drive like crazy, they think ahead, always polite and kind with other truckers, safety is their first priority, and no matter how bad a day they might be having, the road will not be the place where he/she will place that anger.